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3 Ways Impakt_ID Enables The Fashion Industry To Act Upon Its Environmental Impact

With the global Covid-19 pandemic offering an opportunity to reassess fashion’s direction of travel and our environmental impact, we start witnessing an accelerated change in consumer attitudes. The future of fashion where consumers make conscious choices with every purchase and adopt a mindset of longevity is unfolding right in front of us.

Moreover, consumers’ expectations for supply chain transparency, product traceability and accountability have spiked, largely as a result of the unethical nature of mainstream fashion coming to the surface (with cancelled orders, refused payments and laid-off workers). Yet, the demand remains largely unmet as demonstrated in the latest Fashion Transparency index which discloses an average transparency score of a mere 23% across the 250 brands and retailers reviewed.

With a mission to accelerate a conscious enduring change to the way we produce and consume fashion, Impakt_ID can bridge the divide between heightened consumer expectations for accountability and a viable transparency strategy.

Digital revolution in fashion sustainability

Impakt_ID marks a revolutionary step in the direction of equipping brands and consumers with a seamless technology for measurement and neutralisation of their environmental footprint. It was born out of the belief that transformation comes from within, from us understanding the problem and making a conscious choice to act. It is this hard-to-match drive for bringing change to life that unites the founders - Eva Vucheva and Boryana Uzunova - both Bulgarian entrepreneurs with solid backgrounds in fashion and tech.

Regardless of where you stand on your sustainability journey – from evaluating the footprint to mitigating it and closing the loop, Impakt_ID has a solution to empower action.


Rise above the greenwashing, be transparent with your practices and footprint

To enable radical transparency and call for action throughout the industry, we have developed an autonomous and impartial impact score.

Impakt_ID takes into account several indicators when evaluating the environmental impact of a fashion item: the product composition, the geography of production, product features (such as zippers, buttons, etc.), product weight, and more to estimate water consumption and CO2 emissions. The algorithm, set on primary and secondary research, touches on 50 000 data points to provide an impartial and accurate evaluation down to a single product level.

The seamless integration (to Shopify, WooCommerce or any custom platform) sets us apart. Check the look & feel of the sustainable score by viewing any item on the Kool and Konscious marketplace for circular fashion. Leave the algorithm set-up to us, as we’ll make sure it feeds correctly from your product data to kick-off product analysis. You can then pick and choose from a selection of trusted and fully traceable projects to offset the footprint of each product.

The environmental impact score is full of meaning that inspires customers to vote for transparent and accountable brands with their wallets. Make the first step by booking a demo here.


Weave a story and values into your clothing The greatest power of the Lifecycle tool lies in storytelling. It enables brands to showcase the product provenance in a story format that triggers an emotional response and humanizes the brand. When the product and packaging environmental impact scores are integrated and mapped against the actions you took to mitigate them, the story gets another layer of transparency and integrity.

A unique Lifecycle product QR code that you can print and link anywhere acts as the doorstep to the seamless user-friendly environment. A camera is all your customers need in order to immerse in the story of the product. No apps, no add-ons. Simply, request a demo to roll-out the journey.


Neutralize your environmental impact cost- and time efficiently

Quantifying the mark a producer is leaving on the planet Earth is not enough. We believe that knowledge should be a catalyst for action and change.  The Offset solution facilitates immensely the process of footprint neutralization. All you need to do is to select the most effective and efficient way of sequestering CO2 or restoring water supplies. You can choose between neutralizing per sale, per item produced or based on an estimation of your annual consumption.

Showcasing your accountability via easily relatable metrics is such a powerful narrative. Take Kool and Konscious as an example – over the course of 2019 users have contributed to saving 282m2 tons of CO2 which equal 1M cars not driving for 2,500km!

Lead with transparency and accountability

The right time to embrace disruptive transparency and act with accountability is now. Supply chain visibility translates into enhanced consumer trust, which in turn breeds loyalty and brand recognition.

Although in Impakt_ID we empathise with the fear of failure that limits some brands from fully opening up to their customers, we choose to empower them to continuously unravel, share and offset their environmental impact; to walk a transformational journey in a seamless and inspiring way.

You’re only a step away from making a vast sustainability turn.

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