1. The Score

In a world of green washing be transparent with your footprint and practices. The Score enables you to quantify and showcase any product's footprint/savings on its product page in real time.

Classic Cotton T-shirt


This is the best classical fit. It is fitted to the shoulders and long just enough to be worn over jeans. As well as tucked in them. 







          28.5 kg 

of CO2 savings


climate neutral

         4,180.3 l

of H2O savings

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1. Integrate seamlessly

Let us integrate the The Score on your Shopify, WooCommerce or custom platforms. Our algo will source info from your product page, such as product composition, weight and details to our calculation API and feed back the results to the product page.

2. Share value chain details

Beyond the textile impact, our algorithm considers the entire lifecycle impact of the piece, which we factor in on a case by case basis. The more transparent you are, the less proxies we use, and the more accurate the assessment is.


2. The Offset

Now that you know your impact, let's act.  The Offset equips you with a powerful range of  carbon-offsetting, ocean-positive and water-restorative projects to neutralise your impact time- and cost-efficiently. 

1. Choose a partner

Through our trusted partners you can choose among few ways to neutralise your impact.

2. Choose a model

Decide if you want to neutralise per sale, per item produced or research-based estimate of your annual consumption.

3. Publish

Inspire your customers to make a conscious choice and vote with their dollar for transparent and conscious products.


3. The Lifecycle

A solution for the special ones. Communicate the unique origin, story and positive impact of each product accessible at the ease of a camera click.

1. Tell us about it 

So many of the products in the world are produced in a way worth telling. We want to help you create a custom passport page for each of your products that reviews all the valuable information your customers would care to know, from the impact of the piece, to what you did to offset it, to how to care for it better and dispose of it correctly at the end of its lifecycle.

2. Share with your customers 

We provide you with a unique Lifecycle product QR code that you can print/link anywhere. No apps. No add-ons. A phone camera is all your customer needs to start exploring the powerful story behind your products. 

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