Fashion should

not cost the Planet

The fashion industry is broken. We overproduce, over-consume, and repeat.

It is time for a change.


At ImpactID we believe change comes from within, from us understanding the problem and making a conscious choice to be part of the solution. 

Our team is building the framework to enable brands and consumers to take account, measure and act upon their environmental footprint. ​


Our goal?


To make conscious long-lasting change to the way we produce and consume fashion. 

Who are we?

We believe we are just the right people

Our team is building the framework to enable brands and consumers to take account, measure and act upon their environmental footprint.


ImpaktID is a global project for transparency and accountability in the fashion industry.


It was initiated by Eva, a fashion industry veteran with a knack for production and process, and Boryana, an impactful fashion-tech mind with love for lean aesthetics and a minimalist approach to life. 


Our team is just shy of 10 people working 24/7 to bring change to life. 

 How are we making a difference?


Building a simple quant-based technology 

We are developing an autonomous and impartial impact score to enable transparency and call for action throughout the industry. 


The technology behind our tools takes into account over 50 000 data points from vast number of primary and secondary sources. We are constantly enriching our algorithms with new public and private research to perfect the results and provide reliable data. 


We are better 


We are working closely with partnering organisations to provide the framework for both brands and consumers to take action and reduce their environmental footprint. As part of the consumer journey we provide the framework for accountable and transparent footprint neutralisation. 

Tropical Leaves


Leaving a mark 

on our Planet 

We see our role in reducing the mark we as consumers and the industry as a producer is leaving for our Planet. Over the course of 2019 our users have accounted for and saved: 


117M litres of H20 and 282m2 tons of CO2


which are equal to:


214,246 people having 1.5L every day for a year


and 1M cars not driving for 2,500km

A data- and action-driven company on a mission to eliminate the footprint of fashion and preserve our environment.

ImpaktID 2020 © . Enabling an environment-neutral fashion industry.