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Quantifying and offsetting the impact of fashion. Now. 

Impact ID specialises in assessing the environmental impact of fashion on a product level. Beyond striving for 100% accuracy, our biggest mission is to enable brands and customers to seamlessly offset their footprint and achieve an environmentally-neutral industry.We work with the world's best research and environmental institutions to make this a scalable solution that brings about a real change across the industry and beyond. The environment needs this change now. Are you in? 


          28.5 kg 

of CO2 savings

           4,180 kg

of H2O savings


circularity score

Classic Cotton T-shirt


carbon-neutral via planting a mangrove 


Solutions that harness business growth.

We believe adopting sustainable solutions should result in enhancing businesses and not hurting their bottom line. We've seen integrating Impakt ID to result in 47% increased revenues, where offsetting the footprint at 100% still impacts the bottom line positively.


Impact Washing.

Impact transparency and action.

Credibility and transparency are a paramount. Impact ID’s data quality and approach are completed under the highest industry standards. The application of the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) approach is performed in full compliance with a four-step process: goal and scope definition, life cycle inventory (LCI), life cycle impact assessment (LCIA) and life cycle interpretation.

Impakt ID's standout dynamic algorithm, set on primary and secondary peer-reviewed
research subject to 
detailed external review performed by a research team at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, leverages 50,000+ data points to derive the highest possible accuracy, so that we can move on to offsetting the footprint fairly, which is our ultimate mission.  

Impakt ID in numbers 

Brands that are aware of their impact not only show higher customer trust but over-offset their footprint.

16,873 kg

of CO2 savings

 1,602,133 l

of H2O savings

72% average

circularity score

desert .jpg

50 London to New York

flights avoided

2,926 people

drinking 1.5l a day for a year

1.2 tonnes

of waste avoided

Forbes 2019 30 Under 30 entrepreneurs changing the world

WWF 2020 International President's Youth Award for nature conservation


TED talk on "Looking towards nature to make fashion circular"

Building a better world through supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 

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