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Classic Cotton T-shirt

This is the best classical fit. It is fitted to the shoulders and long just enough to be worn over jeans. As well as tucked in them. 








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This product has:

          28.5 kg 

of CO2 savings


circularity score

         4,180.3 kg

of H2O savings

            planted one mangrove tree sequestering 308kg of CO2

Evaluate the impact of your production and reflect the conscious practices of your brand.


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Impakt ID in numbers 

Brands that are aware of their impact not only show higher customer trust but over-offset their footprint.

16,873 kg

of CO2 savings

 1,602,133 l

of H2O savings

72% average

circularity score

Tropical Leaves

50 London to New York

flights avoided

2,926 people

drinking 1.5l a day for a year

1.2 tonnes

of waste avoided

Powered by data.

Inspired by transparency.


after implementing Impakt ID

22% increase in

conversion rate

35% increase in

repeat customers

50% increase in

customer engagement


We've seen an incredible customer trust improvement resulting in doubled conversion rate.

The individual impact meter in the customer profile has also increased repeat customer dramatically  


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